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Benefit in focus: Mouthguards

13 Apr 2022

With the new sporting year kicking off many parents are considering mouthguards to help minimise possible injury. Mouthguards absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face, which might otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw.

Is your Thyroid out of whack?

08 Apr 2022

While many of us know the thyroid organ, if you ask the average person what our thyroid actually does, you’re likely to be met with a blank stare and we don’t blame you. James Jensen from Australian Nutrition Centre explains more about the thyroid and asks the question is yours out of whack?

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What is an Exercise Physiologist and how can they help you?

23 Mar 2022

Have you ever joined a boot camp or started a 6-week challenge to achieve that New Year's resolution of losing weight ? Were you one of the unfortunate participants who injured their knee during burpees or did you tweak your lower back lifting weights? Are you left asking yourself what do I do now to lose weight and resolve me knee or back injury?

Why You Wake Up Stiff and Achy

16 Mar 2022

Do you grunt, groan, and ratchet yourself to a standing position as you get out of bed in the morning? Then, after stretching and moving around for a few minutes, do you feel the achiness and stiffness abate (at least some of it)? There’s a reason for this…

Ceoliac awareness week

14 Mar 2022

As Coeliac Awareness Week kicks off today, our friend, James Jensen, from the Australian Nutrition Centre is encouraging people to be aware of the symptoms, as a growing number of cases continue to go undiagnosed. Here, James explains some of the common symptoms associated with Coeliac Disease and the importance of getting tested.

Giving the gift of smiles

11 Mar 2022

Twenty six people had an extra reason to smile last Friday, thanks to Queensland Country’s Dental Rescue Day, which provided a full day of pro bono dental treatment for vulnerable community members.