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Five tips for best posture and to help keep you comfortable at work

21 Aug 2019

Do you sit at a desk all day? Many people spend their work days confined to their desk in front of a computer. Ensuring that you maintain good posture, checking if your work area is comfortable and performing a couple of quick exercises can help minimise any pain and keep you comfortable at work or desk. Brianna Morgan, Member and physiotherapist shares five quick tips:

Bucking the National Trend

21 Aug 2019

The recently released APRA June 2019 quarter private health insurance publication has shown private health insurance participation has declined. In contrast, Queensland Country Health Fund has continued to grow in a very competitive market. Our Executive Manager, Glenn Seri explains.

4 tips to protect your body from injury

10 Jul 2019

As a physiotherapist I assist people in their physical well-being, which unfortunately involves rehabilitating after injury has already struck, usually after months of putting up with it too. So incorporating these tips into your daily routine can influence your physical and mental health positively preventing injury.

The Best Gluten Free Donuts

07 Jun 2019

It’s no secret that Queensland Country has a great internal culture and our Staff love coming to work to help our Members each day but perhaps something you didn’t know is that each Friday we’re encouraged to enjoy a little Fun Friday activity here and there. Some Friday’s that means wearing different coloured socks to work or greeting our teams with extra warmth but on some occasions, we go all out. Check out the Best Gluten Free Donut Recipe we discovered especially for one of those days!

Pet health and nutrition

14 Mar 2019

We don't cover your furry family members under your Private Health Insurance policy, but it doesn't mean we don't value and love them just as much you do! We've brought together a few health and nutrition tips for your favourite pooch to ensure they too are living healthier and better lives.