About Queensland Country Dental Townsville 

Queensland Country Dental is owned by Queensland Country Health Fund and is exclusively available for Members of the Queensland Country group, Queensland Country Health Fund and Queensland Country Bank.

Queensland Country Health Fund Members with extras cover can enjoy low or no gap preventive and diagnostic treatments as part of your cover.


Meet our team

  • Samantha Hallett - Dental Operations Manager
  • Dr Brendan Mudge - Principal Dentist 
  • Dr Laura Bromham - Dentist
  • Dr Jaim Atkins - Dentist 
  • Dr Shu-En Wight - Dentist 
  • Dr Mary Love - Dentist
  • Dr Kelsie Stokes - Dentist
  • Dr Veronica Donohue -  Specialist Orthodontist 
  • Dr Maleta Seiler - Dentist
  • Kylie Svaricek - Dental Hygienist
  • Ashwin Prabhu - Oral Health Therapist
  • Kaylee Byers - Senior Dental Assistant 

Contact our team to request an appointment call 1800 472 336.

Appointments are not final until confirmed by a Member of our staff.

Important note: You must be a Queensland Country Health Fund or Queensland Country Bank member to visit Queensland Country Dental.