Better Hospital (Silver+) Cover Vital Hospital (Bronze+) Cover
What you're covered for $250 excess | $500 excess $250 excess | $500 excess | $750 excess
Your choice of doctor/hospital Included service Included service

Private hospital accommodation

For both Better Hospital (Silver+) and Vital Hospital (Bronze+) when admitted as an inpatient at a private hospital or day facility for any of the Restricted (R) services you will have a benefit entitlement to the default rate benefit only. This will likely lead to large out-of-pocket expenses if admitted under this level of hospital cover.

Included service Included service

Theatre fees

For hospital services or treatments that have Restricted benefit availability, no benefit is paid towards the cost of theatre charges raised for inpatient services in a private hospital or day surgery.

Included service Included service

Age-based discount eligible policy

Did you know? All Queensland Country Hospital covers are retained age-based discount policies, meaning we recognise on transferring your current age-based discount and apply this same discount to your new hospital policy with us. Learn more.

Included service Included service

Nationwide Ambulance Cover

Ambulance benefits will be applied to emergencies only and limited to one per person per Membership Year, when provided by recognised providers. Learn more.

Included service Included service

Accommodation benefits

Accommodation benefit up to $50 per night for Members travelling more than 300 kilometres return from their home address for hospitalisation. Conditions apply click here for further information.

Included service Included service

Surgically implanted prostheses

e.g. surgically implanted stents, screws and plates (for fractures) and pacemakers. Prosthesis benefits as per the Government listing.

Included service Included service

Access Gap Cover

A benefit over and above the Medicare Benefits Schedule for participating doctors on inpatient services.

Included service Included service
Intensive care Included service Included service

Nursing home type patients

This amount is determined by the Federal Government. Certification is required.

Included service Included service
Rehabilitation Included service Included service
Palliative care Included service Included service
Brain and nervous system Included service Included service
Eye (not cataracts) Included service Included service
Ear, nose and throat Included service Included service
Tonsils, adenoids and grommets Included service Included service
Bone, joint and muscle Included service Included service
Joint reconstructions Included service Included service
Kidney and bladder Included service Included service
Male reproductive system Included service Included service
Digestive system Included service Included service
Hernia and appendix Included service Included service
Gastrointestinal endoscopy Included service Included service
Gynaecology Included service Included service
Miscarriage and termination of pregnancy Included service Included service
Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer Included service Included service
Pain management Included service Included service
Skin Included service Included service
Breast surgery (medically necessary) Included service Included service
Diabetes management (excluding insulin pumps) Included service Included service
Blood Included service Included service
Back, neck and spine Included service Included service
Plastic and reconstructive surgery (medically necessary) Included service Included service
Dental surgery Included service Included service
Podiatric surgery (provided by a registered podiatric surgeon) Included service Included service
Lung and chest Included service Included service
Insulin pumps Included service Excluded service
Implantation of hearing devices Included service Excluded service
Pain management with device Included service Excluded service
Sleep studies Included service Excluded service
Cataracts Included service Excluded service
Heart and vascular system Included service Excluded service
Dialysis for chronic kidney failure Included service Excluded service
Pregnancy and birth Included service Excluded service
Assisted and reproductive services Included service Excluded service
Joint replacements Included service Excluded service
Weight loss Excluded service Excluded service
Hospital psychiatric servcies Restricted service Restricted service

Mechanical Aids and Appliances

Benefits on the purchase or hire of Mechanical Aids and Appliances approved by Queensland Country Health Fund with a limit of $2,000 per person per Membership Year. Learn more.

Included service Excluded service

Mammograms and bone density test

Benefit up to $75 limited to two services for each of these tests, only if not claimable from another source. The Membership Year limit is $300 per person covered.

Included service Excluded service

Hearing aids

A benefit amount is provided to use over three Membership Years based on the date of which the purchase of a hearing aid/s is made. The benefit limit applies based on your length of membership with Queensland Country Health Fund. - Up to 10 years $1,000, 10-15 years $1,500 and 15 years+ $2,000. Benefits are per person up to the appropriate benefit limit.

Included service Excluded service

Hearing aids maintenance, batteries & charges

Benefit up to $100 per Member per Membership Year for the cost of maintenance fees, repairs, batteries or purchase and/or repairs of a charging dock for hearing aids

Included service Excluded service

Australian Hearing Services

Benefit of $25 per Membership Year per eligible person for the cost of a Hearing Services Card.

Included service Excluded service

Nursing Services

A benefit up to $50 per visit or $150 per day, up to $1,000 per person per Membership Year is payable for:

  • Bush nursing services provided by a registered nurse employed at a public hospital or bush nursing centre where there is no resident medical practitioner 
  • Home nursing services provided by a registered nurse in private practice
  • A benefit up to $150 per day, up to $750 per person per Membership Year is payable for clinically relevant special nursing provided by a registered nurse in private practice.
Included service Excluded service

Hospital boarder

Benefits up to $35 per day to a maximum of four days per person, where such accommodation is necessary for the wellbeing of the patient.

Included service Excluded service

Care Navigation

Provides assistance immediately following a period of time in hospital or for those living with one or more chronic diseases. Care Navigation can be accessed after two years of continuous membership and benefit availability is pending the outcome of a clinical assessment by the Care Navigation Team. Learn more.

Included service Excluded service

Surgery or hospital treatment where Medicare does
not pay a benefit

e.g. elective cosmetic surgery, experimental treatment/
procedures and laser eye surgery (LASIK etc.)

Excluded service Excluded service

Clinical categories are defined by the Department of Health and detailed in the Private Health Insurance (Reforms) Amendment Rules 2018. A copy of the clinical categories, detailing the scope of cover can be accessed here. 

Included service Covered
Benefits will be paid for this service
Restricted service

Restricted benefits: You will be covered for shared ward accommodation in a public hospital only. While you can choose to go to a private hospital or day surgery for the service or treatment, your admission is not fully covered and will likely result in large out-of-pocket expenses. Some private specialists may not operate in a public facility, please take this into consideration when making a hospital product choice.

Excluded service

Excluded benefit: If a service is an excluded benefit, this means that the service or condition won't be covered by your health insurance policy, meaning we won’t pay a benefit towards these services.

Hospital or day surgery admissions for these services in either a public or private facility will receive no benefit from Queensland Country. As well there is no benefit payable for services for which Medicare pays no benefit e.g. most cosmetic surgery.


We also offer Budget Hospital (Basic+).  This product can only be purchased by speaking with one of our Product Specialists on 1800 813 415 or visiting one of our Retail Centres located in Townsville, Cairns, Mount Isa, Mackay or Ayr.