We understand that substantial travel is sometimes required for our rural and regionally based Members when they are seeking treatment for a medical condition.

So for Members not accessing the Queensland Country accommodation units in Townsville or Brisbane or perhaps for those who are travelling to a different location for their medical treatment, we provide accommodation benefits to subsidise the costs of your stay.

We will pay an accommodation benefit related to hospitalisation where the patient is required to travel 300 kilometres or more return from their home address.

The accommodation benefit is up to $50 per night and will apply to every night for the duration of the hospitalisation required including the night prior to admission and also the night of discharge.

Benefits will extend towards the accommodation costs for a carer, partner or parent/s of a dependent who accompany the Member (the patient) and is limited to the duration of the patient’s hospital admission.Where a parent or carer travels with a dependent aged 12 years and under (the patient), there is no minimum travel distance required.

The accommodation benefit is limited to $50 per night e.g. we will only pay up to $50 per night towards the accommodation costs for either the carer or the patient. The $50 benefit will not be paid for both parties accommodation respectively for the same date.

Accommodation benefits only apply to policy holders of our hospital products providing the treatment or service you or your family are being admitted for is actually covered by your current hospital cover. This accommodation benefit will not be available for policyholders of our stand-alone extras cover.

This accommodation benefit is not claimable if you are staying in the Fund’s accommodation units in Brisbane or Townsville.


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Can I claim the Accommodation Benefit if we stay in the Queensland Country Accommodation Units?

No, unfortunately the Accommodation Benefit does not apply to stays in the Queensland Country Health Fund Accommodation Units. These are already provided for our Members at a discounted rate.

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Can I claim the Queensland Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme and the Accommodation Benefits through Queensland Country?

No, unfortunately you cannot claim both through us. You will need to complete the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme process and lodge documents yourself with Queensland Health. Then a separate accommodation claim can be made with Queensland Country Health Fund for the accommodation element of your stay.

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How many days can I claim?

There is no cap on the number of days you can claim, however the claim only applies to the period of hospitalisation including the night prior to admission and the night of discharge. It does not apply to follow up appointments.

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How much can I claim per night?

The eligible Accommodation Benefit is up to $50 per night.

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Will I have to pay for the services in full before I claim?

Yes. You will need to pay for your accommodation and as part of the claiming process provide a copy of the Tax Invoice and proof of payment.

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Can I claim if I am going to see the specialist for my consultation/follow-up appointment?

No. This benefit only applies while you are receiving in-hospital treatment. It does not apply to outpatient appointments or services provided where you are not required to be admitted into a hospital.

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Does this apply to nursing home type benefits?

Yes. This does apply to nursing home type benefits when paid to a hospital only.

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Can I use Airbnb accommodation?

Yes, Airbnb accommodation is eligible. When lodging your claim simply attach a copy of the Tax Invoice and proof of payment.

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Can I claim if I use hospital provided accommodation at a discounted price?

Yes. Members can use any accommodation type with the exception of our Queensland Country  Accommodation Units. This benefit does not apply to stays in our Queensland Country Accommodation Units. When lodging your claim all you need to do is attach a copy of the Tax Invoice and proof of payment.