The impact of mental health issues can be alot for the person involved and also their family. 

In the videos below, people who have lived through mental health issues and their families share their experience with the impact on their life and their outlook since treatment.

Members of Queensland Country Health Fund can also login to access a range of resources and additional videos of people who have suffered from mental health issues and their families speaking from experience.

Coming to terms

In this 'Speaking From Experience' video clip, people living with a mental health issue and members of their family, talk frankly about the impact of their mental health on their life.

They discuss their relationships with family and friends, the support the whole family needs, and offer advice on the skills they have acquired on their journey to recovery.


Finding support

Caring for someone with a mental health issue can be an arduous task, requiring a lot of energy and resources on a daily basis. As a carer, you are like a boat in a hurricane; 'you just hold on'.

Holding on can be made easier with the support of others.

In this 'Speaking From Experience' video clip, carers talk about how sharing their experience with others in support groups and chat rooms has helped them to feel connected and find the lighter side to their situation.