Even though Australia has an exceptionally good healthcare system it is the peace of mind that having private health insurance provides that makes it really worth it. Health insurance has the potential to provide you with more choice, control and peace of mind when it comes to your healthcare.

There are two broad types of cover when it comes to health insurance:

Private Hospital cover

Private Hospital cover pays benefits towards the cost of treatment as an inpatient in a hospital. It gives you control over:

  • Who you’re treated by – some people prefer a surgeon recommended by their doctor
  • Where you’re treated – access to a private hospital close to home and a more comfortable environment
  • When you’re treated – because waiting times are usually shorter in the private system.

Extras cover

Extras cover reduces the cost of treatment for things that Medicare doesn’t cover. This includes things like general dental, major dental, optical, physiotherapy and more services.

While you may feel in great shape today, life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls with our health, having private health insurance prepares you for the unexpected!