The Australian Government introduced a number of reforms to Private Health Insurance which aim to make policies easier to understand and compare; improve affordability; and encourage more young people to consider taking out Private Health Hospital cover. 

These Government reforms represent some of the most significant changes to health insurance in 15 years. Queensland Country Health Fund introduced the reforms on 1 April 2019, and health insurers had until 1 April 2020 to implement them.

The key reforms are:

Product tiers

To make comparing policies from different health funds easier, all health insurers are now required to classify their hospital products into one of the following product tiers:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Basic

Minimum coverage requirements for each of these product tiers have been set by the Government from a list of 38 separate clinical categories. A product can have additional services covered over the minimum requirements for each product tier, identified with the word ‘Plus’ or the symbol ‘+’ within the product name.

Clinical categories

To make it easier for consumers to understand their coverage and more simply make comparisons, all health insurers must now use the same standard set of clinical definitions and categories to communicate which treatments and services are covered.

You may also like to visit the Australian Government - Department of Health website to learn more.

Age-based discount

Discount for Young People if your aged 18 -29 and not covered under your parent/s or guardian/s policy, you’ll be entitled to a discount on your Queensland Country hospital cover from 1 April 2019. Depending on your age, the following discount will apply: 

Age* Discount
18-25 10%
26 8%
27 6%
28 4%
29 2%

* As at 1 April 2019 for existing Members, or the join date for new Members.

Your discount will be retained in full until you turn 41 (unless age-based discounts are discontinued on your policy). The discount will then gradually phase out by age 45, as per the following:

Age Discount
41 Age-based discount, less 2%
42 Age-based discount, less 4%
43  Age-based discount, less 6%
44 Age-based discount, less 8%
45 0%

Members will be allowed to retain their age-based discount when transferring from another hospital product, whether internally or from another fund.



To assist rural and remote Members that need to travel to receive specialist medical and hospital treatment not available locally an accommodation benefit was introduced on 1 April 2019.

A benefit of up to $50 per night and will apply for the period of hospitalisation, including one night prior to hospitalisation and also the night of discharge. A carer or support person is permitted to stay in the accommodation, however the benefit will only apply to one room per Member per hospitalisation.

The benefit will not be paid for stays in Queensland Country Health Fund units, which are already heavily discounted for Members. Please contact us for more information.


Effective 1 April 2019 Nationwide Ambulance Cover was introduced for Members with a Queensland Country hospital policy who reside outside of Queensland (nationwide emergency ambulance services for Queensland residents are already covered by the State Government - contact the Queensland Ambulance Service for details).

Ambulance benefits will be applied to emergencies only and limited to one per person per Membership Year, when provided by recognised providers. Conditions apply - please contact us for more information.