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Why You Wake Up Stiff and Achy

16 Mar 2022

Do you grunt, groan, and ratchet yourself to a standing position as you get out of bed in the morning? Then, after stretching and moving around for a few minutes, do you feel the achiness and stiffness abate (at least some of it)? There’s a reason for this…

Reset your snooze button

15 Dec 2021

Not looking forward to another night of poor sleep? We don’t blame you. It’s no secret that insomnia can take a huge toll on your health. But contrary to popular belief, poor sleep isn't something you should have to live with. So how do we fix this?

Top 3 Gluten Free Food Tips

10 Oct 2021

Did you know, popular ‘readily available’ gluten free foods can be nutritionally lacking, often filled with sweeteners, rice and maize flour and leaving people susceptible to vitamin and mineral deficiencies? Our friend James Jensen shares his top 3 gluten free tips here.

Perimenopause: Is it inevitable?

10 Oct 2021

One of the most commonly frustrated types of women we see in our clinic are those who are approaching menopause. This period of time is called perimenopause. It’s a tricky time for women, with a lot of change occurring in your body without you actually changing anything. You’re eating well, exercising, getting eight hours of sleep, but the weight just jumps on without your permission. Unfair, I know. So why does this happen?

30 minute workout session to get you FIRED up!

05 Oct 2021

Daily exercise provides stress relief, increases your self-confidence, and may even help prevent other serious diseases including heart disease. Brent Goriss, Head of Performance at the JCU Townsville Fire shares a quick 30-minute super set workout session with JCU Townsville Fire Guard, Steph Reid to help keep you in shape.