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Perimenopause: Is it inevitable?

07 Sep 2023

One of the most commonly frustrated types of women we see in our clinic are those who are approaching menopause. This period of time is called perimenopause. It’s a tricky time for women, with a lot of change occurring in your body without you actually changing anything. You’re eating well, exercising, getting eight hours of sleep, but the weight just jumps on without your permission. Unfair, I know. So why does this happen?

Reset your snooze button

08 Aug 2023

Not looking forward to another night of poor sleep? We don’t blame you. It’s no secret that insomnia can take a huge toll on your health. But contrary to popular belief, poor sleep isn't something you should have to live with. So how do we fix this?

Protect your eyes this Macula Month

07 May 2023

An estimated 1.9 million Australians show some degree of macular disease1. The macula is the point of central vision in the eye, and when disease causes the tissue to degenerate, it results in a painless loss of detailed central vision. This Macula Month, OPSM shares their tips for a healthy macula and recommendations for how to manage diagnosed macular disease.

Easy Home Workout for all fitness fevels

10 Feb 2023

It's not too late to get fit! Home workouts are the perfect way to improve both your physical strength and mental wellbeing. Exercise Physiologist Sean Allen from Crossfit Townsville has put together a full-body workout for all fitness levels—beginners to advanced—that requires minimal equipment. Start your journey towards better health today!

Eat more vegetables

19 Oct 2022

We know that vegetables are good for us but how many of us, kids and adults alike, screw up our noses when the bowl of steamed brussel sprouts arrive at the dinner table. Vegetables don’t have to be bland and boring, and when cooked right, there’s no reason why they can’t be the hero of any meal. Emma Jensen from Australian Nutrition Centre shares some tips to spruce them up.