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Children and Burns

05 Oct 2022

In Queensland, almost two children up to the age of four are hospitalised per week for more than a day after sustaining a serious burn injury. Severe burn injury can be life threatening and even small burns can be dangerous for young children

Why am I not feeling better?

04 Oct 2022

Post-viral syndrome, fondly known as post-viral fatigue, has been a hot topic recently. Whilst the term has been highly popularised throughout the pandemic, post-viral syndrome was prevalent long before COVID-19 entered our worlds. Here, James Jensen from Australian Nutrition Centre shares everything you need to know about post-viral syndrome.

Connecting with your community

21 Sep 2022

With the catastrophic floods that hit Queensland and parts of NSW earlier in the year, it was heartbreaking to watch on television and see the impact it had. Families losing all they own and businesses having it all swept away in a matter of hours after just finishing the re-building process from the 2011 floods, not to mention the spanner COVID has thrown.

Resistance exercise for Bone Health Week

22 Aug 2022

In an ageing society, the prevalence of Osteoporosis continues to increase progressively, particularly in older patients. Early prevention is key, and Sean Allen, an exercise physiologist from CrossFit Townsville takes us through some simple full-body resistance exercises anyone can do in their own home.