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The Best Gluten Free Donuts

07 Jun 2019

It’s no secret that Queensland Country has a great internal culture and our Staff love coming to work to help our Members each day but perhaps something you didn’t know is that each Friday we’re encouraged to enjoy a little Fun Friday activity here and there. Some Friday’s that means wearing different coloured socks to work or greeting our teams with extra warmth but on some occasions, we go all out. Check out the Best Gluten Free Donut Recipe we discovered especially for one of those days!

Coconut and lemon bliss balls

07 Dec 2018

Healthy bliss balls are an alternative to your traditional Christmas rum balls and make a great addition to fill your FREE DIY gift box pyramids. If you're not a sweet-tooth give our coconut and lemon bliss balls a try. Give the gift of a healthy treat this Christmas.

Chia seed jam

03 Dec 2018

We love chia seeds because they're high in fibre and extremely versatile! You can use them as an egg replacer to make vegan or egg allergy safe meals. You can even use them to make a jelly-like texture in foods, for example pudding. Plus, they're high in fibre, Omega-3's and antioxidants. We also love this quick and easy recipe to make your very own homemade jam in 10 minutes!

Choc cool down smoothie

17 Apr 2018

Apparently it's getting cooler, but let's be honest, we only get a few winter nights if we're lucky each year. So while the rest of Oz is starting soup season, we can still whip up delicious and icy cold smoothies to cool down on a warm autumn day. Get the recipe for a choc cool down with acai below...