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Meditation series: Benefits of meditation – and yes, they go beyond relaxation

05 Jan 2018

Part three of blog series on meditation: Researchers are coming to understand more and more each day just how meditation changes a person’s brain – for the better. By slowing down and clearing our minds of constant internal dialogue and overthinking, we can tap into many physiological, mental and social benefits says meditation practitioner Maree Hollebone of Mind Massage – Creating Positive Minds .

Meditation series: Are you suffering from overthinking?

05 Jan 2018

Part Two of our blog series on meditation: It seems there’s an epidemic of what meditation teacher Maree Hollebone refers to as “stinkin’ thinkin'". And quite frankly, it’s doing us no favours. You may not even realise you do it, or just how often you do. The good news though is that you have the power to change your thought pattern.