Setting goals helps increase the likelihood that you will stick to them and keeps you interested and engaged for your own happiness. It is important to break your goals into small and big goals.

Setting smaller goals can help you keep motivated to achieve your bigger goal and can also be stepping-stones towards that goal. Here are five tips to effective goal setting:

1. Set specific goals

Your goal must be clear and defined. Defining these precisely will help you get to where you want to be.

2. Set measurable goals

Include dates and amounts, so that you know when you have been successful.

3. Set attainable goals 

When setting your goal make sure that it is possible to achieve.

4. Set relevant goals 

Make sure your goals are aligned with the direction you’d like to take your life or career.

5. Set time-bound goals 

Your goals need a deadline. Setting this will allow you to know when to celebrate and achievement can also come quicker.