This National Diabetes Week and Diabetes Australia are asking us to rethink diabetes. As every year 700,000 people living with diabetes experience mental or emotional health challenges.

  • Living with diabetes is not easy. It’s not a choice. And there are no days off.
  • There are lots of myths, misinformation and misconceptions about diabetes.
  • People can think diabetes isn’t serious. It is. It can be life-threatening.
  • People can think people cause their diabetes. But nobody chooses diabetes.

So, join us this National Diabetes Week, and let’s rethink how we think about diabetes.

  • Let’s reduce the burden with more compassion.
  • Let’s reduce the blame with more understanding.
  • Let’s reduce the barriers and help people get support.
  • Let’s rethink diabetes.

At Queensland Country Health Fund, we understand that when someone is newly diagnosed with diabetes, they often have a lot of questions and fears.

We have a dedicated online resource centre available to Members with diabetes facts, information and personal stories, and our Care Navigation team* with qualified nursing staff can help reduce the emotional overwhelm and guide you through your diagnosis and effective management of your condition.

National Diabetes Week is a timely reminder to take a proactive approach to your health to reduce the onset of chronic illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes.  

*Conditions apply, applies to our top level of hospital cover and restrictions apply.