At our Townsville dental practice, we are have a specialist orthodontist, Dr Veronica Donohue providing specalist orthodontist services to adults and children.

Orthodontic treatment is available to our Members with Premium Extras and Essential Extras cover.  At Queensland Country Dental our Members with Premium Extras will have no gap for their initial consultation. Please note that Members who have not visited the dental practice before will be required to see one of our dentists prior to their initial consultation with Veronica.

Veronica will be available for appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8.30am – 1.30pm. For more information or to book your initial consultation please contact Queensland Country Dental on 07 4412 8325 or click here.


Some important tips to remember about orthodontics benefits:


  • Orthodontics is only available to Members who hold Premium and Essential Extras policies
  • New Members have a 12 month wait before any benefit is claimable.
  • Benefits are accumulated over time, depending on years of membership. See below:

Years of membership

Premium Extras

Essential Extras

Year 1 (New Members)


Nil benefits as within waits

Nil benefits as within waits

Year 1 (Transferring Members with equivalent cover)

Up to $1,000 per person per Membership Year


Up to $500 per person per Membership Year

Year 2


Up to $1,000 per person per Membership Year

Up to $500 per person per Membership Year

Year 3

Up to $2,000 per person per Membership Year

Up to $1,000 per person per Membership Year

Year 4+


Up to $3,000 per person per Membership Year

Up to $1,500 per person per Membership Year


$3,000 per person

$1,500 per person


  • *New Members are persons that have had no previous health insurance cover, or have lapsed their previous health insurance cover in excess of 63 days prior to joining.


  • Transferring from another Fund: If you are transferring from another fund, to receive a benefit in the first year of cover with us you will have had cover at your previous fund for Orthodontics and served full waiting periods at that fund.


  • Orthodontics has a Lifetime Limit. Benefits will be paid up to the applicable Lifetime Limit providing that this limit has not already been reached by previous orthodontic claims in your lifetime.


How to submit your claim:

  • You cannot claim orthodontics through HICAPS.  
  • To submit your claim:
    • Simply complete a printable or digital claim form available on our website and attach your invoice and email to [email protected]
    • Take it into your local retail centre or
    • Take a photo or screen shot and submit via our Mobile App


Below are some examples of the benefit a Member may recieve :

New Member

Mackenzie joined Queensland Country Health Fund as a new Member on 2 March 2017 and has Premium Extras. She submits an orthodontic claim on 9 December 2019. The benefit that Mackenzie will receive is  the cost of the traetment up to $2,000.


Transferring Member

Teenager Sam has already had orthodontic benefits paid at a previous fund of $1,000 when he transfers to our fund.  The cover he joins is Essential Extras which has a $1,500 Lifetime Limit on Orthodontics. Sam would therefore only be able to claim the cost of treatment up to the remaining $500 available on the Lifetime Limit on the Essential Extras cover he has chosen.


Please remember that Queensland Country Health Fund is here to help and if you are considering orthodontic treatment please feel free to give the team a call to discuss on 1800 813 415.