Life is busier than ever and finding the time for daily exercise is a little harder than we would like it to be. Daily exercise provides stress relief, increases your self-confidence, and may even help prevent other serious diseases including heart disease. Brent Goriss, Head of Performance at the JCU Townsville Fire shares a quick 30-minute super set workout session with JCU Townsville Fire Guard, Steph Reid to help keep you in shape.

WARM-UP (5mins)

10 x leg swings (left and right)
10 x knee hugs
10 x arm circles (forward)
10 x arm circles (backward)
15 x Star Jumps
15 x Squats
10 x Lunges

WORKOUT (20mins)

This workout features Super-Sets which are paired exercises. An example is, do 10 push-ups immediately followed by 10 squats. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat for another two sets for a total of 3 sets on each exercise.

Super-Set #1

1. Push ups

Adopt a push-up position on either knees or toes depending on your ability. With hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, slowly lower your chest to the ground as low as possible. Keep your hips down and ensure your upper body weight is over your chest and arms.

Once you’ve reached maximum depth, push the hands hard through the floor to return to the upright position.

2. Power squats

Starting in an upright position, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, squat down, placing your weight through the heels, keeping your back straight and forcing your backside backwards. Attempt to squat down to a maximum position where your thighs are flat (knees at 90 degrees).

Once maximum depth is achieved, extend through the knees and hips back to the upright position.

Super-Set #2

1. Split Squats

Starting in a “split stance” (one foot forward and one foot back), maintain an upright position with the upper body and keep the chest elevated and eyes facing forward. The front foot remains flat on the floor, whilst the rear foot is
elevated on the ball of the foot.

From the upright position, drop the back knee to perform the split squat. Lower yourself down until your rear knee is just off the ground and the front knee is at approximately 90 degrees. Focus on returning to the upright position by pushing through the front leg.

Complete three sets of 10 repetitions on each leg. View exercise here.

2. Supermans

This exercise is great for you lower back and glutes. Start in a prone position (lying face down on the floor), focus on engaging the lower back and glute muscles when performing this exercise.

Slowly and gently, raise the arms and chest whilst simultaneously also elevating the legs. Aim for as much range of motion as possible, pause for two seconds, and return to the starting position under control.

Complete three sets of 10 repetitions. View exercise here.

Super-Set #3

1. Crunches

Lay on your back on a comfortable but firm surface, have your knees bent and place your hands on your thighs. In a controlled manner, engage the abdominals and curl the trunk, sliding your hands up your thighs. Your goal is the get your wrist to your knees.

Control the movement back down and repeat again for 10 reps, trying to keep the abdominals engaged for the entire set of 10 repetitions.

2. Side Plank

Start by lying down on your side. Place an elbow directly underneath a shoulder, with the bodycompletely straight through to the legs. Engaging the core, elevate the hips so your two points of contact on the floor is your elbow and feet. Keep the body facing forwards and shoulders square. This is a challenging exercise, so if you need to initially, bend the knees before elevating the hips, so your two points of contact are knees and elbow.

Hold this position for as long as possible, trying to eventually achieve a maximum of 60 secs. Repeat for the other side and complete 2 sets on each side. View exercise here.

Super-Set #4

(20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest x 4 sets each)

1. High Knees

Knees up to chest as dynamically as possible.

2. Star jumps

Jack out hands up above head and jump back in.


Cool-Down and Recovery (5mins)

Following your workout and any time you exercise, ensure you complete a comprehensive cool-down. This will reduce muscle soreness, allow for a faster recovery, and provide the ability to have a quicker turn-around before your next exercise session. It will also go a long way to reducing the incidence of injury.

Here are three stretches for your cool down:

Stretch #1: Quadricep Stretch

Grasp one foot with the same hand, trying to get your heel as close as possible your backside. Keep the knees together and hips square. Place some pressure from that foot, through the hand to ensure you feel a stretch in the front part of your thigh.

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat for the other leg. View stretch here.

Stretch #2: Hamstring Stretch

Seated on the floor, keep one leg extended whilst bringing the sole of the other foot against the inner thigh. Gently reach forward towards the toes of the extended leg, feeling a stretch through the back part of the upper leg.

Gently hold the stretch for 30 seconds and repeat for the other leg. Maintain a normal breathing pattern while holding the stretch. View stretch here.

Stretch #3: Shoulder Stretch

Take one arm across the chest, whilst wrapping the other arm under and over. Pull the extended arm against your chest in tight, feeling a stretch through the deltoid (or shoulder). Hold the stretch for 30 second and repeat
for the other arm. View stretch here.

Some more facts about Brent and Steph…

Brent Goriss, Head of Performance, JCU Townsville Fire

Brent has 20 years’ experience in the health and Fitness industry. Brent and his wife Lyndsey own 5 Star Fitness Townsville and 5 Star Fitness Australia.

In addition to the JCU Townsville Fire, Brent is also a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Australia’s national basketball team, the Opals and NBL1 Townsville Basketball Teams - Heat and Flames. He is also a consultant for the National Performance Program (NPP) athletes based in Townsville.

While at university, Brent completed prac work with the Sydney Swans (AFL), North Queensland Cowboys (NRL) and Townsville Crocodiles (NBL), which fuelled his passion for becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach.


Steph Reid, JCU Townsville Fire Guard

Steph Reid plays Guard for the JCU Townsville Fire. She signed with the JCU Townsville Fire in 2020 and is set to be with the club till the completion of 2023 season.

Steph played college basketball for the University of Buffalo and also played for the Bulls in New York. She was the MVP of the 2016 MAC Women’s Basketball Tournament in which the Buffalo Bulls women’s basketball team
won their first MAC title and reached the NCAA Tournament for the first time in the history of the women’s program.

Steph is also the JCU Townsville Fire School Ambassador, delivering basketball & team building sessions at schools within a 200km radius of Townsville. Steph loves working with kids, she enjoys inspiring them and teaching them about the game she loves.

Basketball has taken Steph all over the world and she likes being able to share her knowledge and experiences with kids who may one day aspire to be doing what she does daily.

Please note:

Before participating, seek advice from your medical professional about your suitability to participate in the workout. You are participating at your own risk. The workout in no way guarantees against injury or death. No responsibility or liability whatsoever can be accepted by Queensland Country Health Fund for any loss, damage or injury that may arise from any person using or participating in this workout.