On 17 December 2021 the Queensland Government Restrictions for unvaccinated people will commence.

We have had a number of Member enquiries asking what impact this will have on them specifically if they have medical treatment or surgeries booked and are not double vaccacinated. 

Our understanding is that there is no impact to patients being treated in a private hospital regardless of their vaccination status. There is no mention of surgeries, both medically necessary and elective, being impacted by the restrictions that come into effect on 17 December 2021.

As a Private Health Insurer, we will still pay benefits should any of our Members require treatment under their Hospital Cover, having served their waits and paid any relevant excess.

In the detail of the restrictions, specifically where it mentions hospitals, it states "Must not allow unvaccinated visitors. Unvaccinated people can visit if for the purposes of medical treatment, end of life, childbirth or emergency situation." So it may be that should you require hospital treatment, in certain circumstances family members or friends may not be able to visit you.

More information can be found on the Queensland Government COVID site which may assist as further details become available.

We will continue to monitor any changes. It is important to note though that the rules around restrictions are a Government directive.