Valued Member Aleisha sings praises

When 25 year old business owner Aleisha Fuss had to pay $1000 for the Medicare Levy Surcharge during last financial year’s tax return, her accountant suggested she consider private health insurance so she would get better value for the expenditure.

“My friends and parents had also been encouraging me to get private health insurance,” says Aleisha.

“Everyone I know who has it, is with Queensland Country Health Fund, and I know quite a few people who had moved there from other health funds, so I went straight there."

“I didn’t even look into other health funds.”

Despite previously putting it off, Aleisha found the process of taking out health insurance very easy and was impressed by the service and products Queensland Country Health Fund offer.

“I was most impressed with the service,” she says.  “It takes a while to understand what things mean, but the consultant literally went through everything and answered all my questions."

“She didn’t push us, which made us even more comfortable signing up because she was so great at helping us through the process."

“The layout of the brochure and visuals made it easy to see what you get with each policy and what extras you get for a small amount extra in your premiums.  It made perfect sense.”

Aleisha opted for a Better Hospital (Silver+) and Select Extras policy, and liked the flexibility of choice for her premium.

“Because I am young and healthy, I opted for a more expensive excess for hospital in exchange for the lower premium.”

She points out that being young and healthy is precisely the reason health insurance is so important, because a sudden health issue or accident would be unexpected and unbudgeted for.

“If I suddenly end up in hospital it would be a real shock,” she says, “so I want to be covered, just in case."

“I felt most comfortable and saw the value in being covered for everything, I want it to be as beneficial as possible.”

As a hairdresser and part-owner of Hair Cartelle, Aleisha is looking forward to taking a more proactive approach to her health by utilising the Extras cover.

“We need our bodies to do our job,” she says, “as soon as our body is broken, we can’t work." 

“I’m really excited about getting more regular remedial massages and visits to the chiropractor as needed.

“I need to be able to see accurately for my job, so optical check-ups are important, and I’m happy I will be able to get prescription sunglasses too.”

Already a regular visitor to the dentist for six-monthly check-ups and cleans, Aleisha sees the value in having dental covered in her Extras, and says that “with HICAPS, it is so easy to swipe and go.”

Aleisha says the age-based discount was a great benefit of taking out a policy at her age, however she believes private health insurance cover provides great value and peace of mind regardless.

“Ignorance is bliss, but when you sit there and see what you can get from your health insurance, and what preventative care you should be doing for yourself, it’s the wake-up call you need,” she says.

“If you’re a person who cares about your health, why wouldn’t you take out a policy?”

To learn more and compare our different health cover options see here or chat with one of our friendly staff on 1800 813 415